- - ALÉ Offers KLIMATIK Cold Weather Riding Collection

ALÉ Offers KLIMATIK Cold Weather Riding Collection


If you’re a dedicated cyclist who refuses to retreat to the indoors in order to escape the persistent cold and wet weather that invariably goes along with winter riding, ALÉ has the perfect solution to protect you from the elements and maximize your performance.

After long and careful research involving advanced water-repellent fabrics and sophisticated membranes, ALÉ created its KLIMATIK collection as a means of protecting cyclists from the cold, the wind and the wet.


The KLIMATIK collection is comprised of a full range of apparel, including jackets, jerseys, bibshorts, bibtights and a whole arsenal of accessories, to shield cyclists from the harsh conditions of winter riding.


Equally important, the KLIMATIK collection is very reasonably priced, offering a level of style and sophistication that doesn’t leave cyclists “out in cold” like other high end European brands. (was that a pun?)

You can check out the full KLIMATIK collection at ALÉ’s website






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