- | Alpen Launches the Bike Capsule Storage Solution

Alpen Launches the Bike Capsule Storage Solution

Call it a case of sci-fi meets storage, but the Alpen Bike Capsule is indeed a practical and innovative solution for storing one’s coveted two-wheel machine.

According to Alpen, the Bike Capsule is built from virtually indestructible roto-molded polyethylene that’s equipped with an integrated locking system, providing the ultimate in protection and security for your beloved bike.

The circular design of the Bike Capsule is meant to gracefully blend form with function, providing easy access to almost any type of bike, including mountain bikes with wide handlebars, along with plenty of space for all your cycling accessories. 

The Bike Capsule is meant to be placed inside the garage or outside of the home or a common living area, offering a safe and secure solution for protecting your bike from the elements.  

Alpen has currently undertaken a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, offering early backers up to 40% off on the Bike Capsule, which is slated to retail for $899. 

You can learn more about Alpen’s campaign by visiting their Indiegogo page here. 

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