- - Assos Expands Equipe Collection for Fall and Spring

Assos Expands Equipe Collection for Fall and Spring

Assos has expanded its Equipe collection for fall and spring, which comprises a jersey and jacket that features the Swiss brand’s new ‘valve’ system aimed at keeping cyclists warm and dry during cool riding conditions.

The new Equipe RS Aero Short Sleeve Jersey and coordinating armwarmers are intended for days when the mercury starts to fall, relying on Assos’s innovative “valve” system to control body temperature thanks to two layers of fabric that overlap at the front of the shoulders, allowing cool air from the outside to be channeled between the jersey’s layers.

“When riding on the limit, preserving a tucked profile yet still needing a touch of body-cooling ventilation, unzipping isn’t always an option. This design solves the issue of regulating core body temperature without sacrificing aerodynamics,” says Assos. 

The Equipe RS Jacket is designed to act as both a thermal long sleeve jacket, as well as a low volume softshell garment. Again, relying on Assos’ “valve” system at the front of the shoulders to control body heat without the need to unzip.

“Our Equipe RS Spring Fall Jacket locks out the cold and creates a pocket of insulating air between the layers, while remaining extremely breathable even when riding full-gas on race day,” adds Assos.

The Equipe Bib Shorts S9 are designed for those days when the temperature dips to cooler numbers, when conditions warrant a bib short that provides enough warmth without the need for knickers or a full bib tight.

Assos rounds out the Equipe collection with the Aero Gilet, offering a touch more of warmth that a vest can provide thanks to its three-layer softshell fabric at the front and a lighter, more breathable fabric at the back to shield cyclists from wind and road spray while retaining the right amount of body heat.

Assos also offers an Equipe base layer, headband and gloves to further sure up any gaps in warmth.




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