- - AX-Lightness Launches New VIAL evo Ultra eTap Road Bike

AX-Lightness Launches New VIAL evo Ultra eTap Road Bike


No sooner did AX-Lightness unveil their super lightweight VIAL evo XC MTB earlier this week, the German carbon gurus announced the launch of it’s Vial evo Ultra eTap equipped road bike today. 

Weighing in at an astonishingly light 10.5 pounds, AX-Lightness achieved this feathery specification by further refining the VIAL evo Ultra’s carbon composition, while also managing to increase tire clearance up 25mm. While, SRAM’s new wireless eTap groupset, and THM Composites’ venerable Scapula CT fork certainly played a part in the Vial evo Ultra’s weight-loss program as well. 


However, if you’re a cyclist who prefers a mechanical groupset, build options from Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM are also available.

Also, if by chance you’re of the Clydesdale persuasion and exceed the VIAL evo Ultra’s 100kg weight limit, there’s a carbon reinforced “plus” version, which AX-Lightness says up’s the frame’s ability to support 120kg riders.

After that, you’ll have to dust-off your Jane Fonda workout video and shed a few pounds. 





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