- - Bike Shop in Amsterdam Sees the Installation of a Bike Cinema Powered by Pedaling

Bike Shop in Amsterdam Sees the Installation of a Bike Cinema Powered by Pedaling

Headquartered in Zurich, the Swiss bike store chain, Freitag, has installed a new “bike cinema” at its Amsterdam location, treating customers to an interactive way of viewing the company’s in-house collection of documentaries regarding sustainability and alternative mobility solutions via pedal power. 

Developed in partnership with the design firm, 1K, the aluminum platform can hold up to three bikes, with each driving a dynamo.

The platform itself is connected to sensors, a battery management system and​ custom software​ that converts energy created by the rider to power a dedicated screen, complete with lighting and sound elements as well. 

Freitag says the installation connects customers with its views on sustainability and alternative transportation by virtue of the natural, physical energy that’s used to power up the cinema, while simultaneously transforming the retail space into a place of sensory sight, touch and vision. 

“Especially considering current circumstances, brands need to revolutionize their retail spaces and make these outlets a cause for creativity and innovation where visitors can immerse themselves in the brand’s aesthetic,” 1kg’s Johannes Offerhaus explains.

“This experiences falls nicely into 1kg’s body of work: at the studio we always try to add weight and create textured layers for our clients’ projects,” he adds.



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