- - BikeFit Teams Up with BiSaddle to Launch New "Shapeshifter EXT" Saddle

BikeFit Teams Up with BiSaddle to Launch New “Shapeshifter EXT” Saddle

BikeFit has teamed up with BiSaddle to launch a new Shapeshifter EXT BikeFit Edition Saddle.  

The all-new ShapeShifter EXT BikeFit Edition features unique front and rear adjustments, providing cyclists with an extensive range of width options from 130mm to 185mm. 

It also features the UCI minimum requirement standard length of 243mm and allows for optimal fore/aft body movement. 

The saddle comes with 2 sets of wedges, flattening and rounding, to customize the shape of the saddle.  

“With the growth of different cycling disciplines more men and women than ever are experiencing pain produced by their saddle,” said BiSaddle Owner Jon Petty.  “Saddle pain is most often caused from riding a saddle that is not properly fit to a person’s unique body shape. To help alleviate saddle pain, we are excited to be partnering with the leading bike fit company, BikeFit. This new partnership will help cyclists around the world experience how an adjustable shape, custom fit saddle can be used to train harder, ride further and cycle faster.” 

The BiSaddle ShapeShifter EXT BikeFit Edition will retail at 3 different price points based on the rail material, Carbon $349, Titanium $299, and Chrome Moly $249.  

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