- - "Biker's Rest" by Designer Marcus Abrahamsson

“Biker’s Rest” by Designer Marcus Abrahamsson

Unveiled at the annual Stockholm Design Show, Swedish designer Marcus Abrahamsson devised this bollard style Biker’s Rest, which feature both a handle, as well as a foot rest, to assist cyclists at traffic lights.

A simple steel cylinder with two supports, one hand and the other with a non-slip pad for the foot, allow cyclists to just be able to stop safely without getting off the bike at intersections.

“I wanted it to blend in with the existing crowd, the steel tubes and extruded metal mesh, they are all familiar materials in the urban landscape,” says Abrahamsson.

The Biker’s Rest was designed in partnership with Nola Design in Sweden.

Hmm.. does the urban cycling culture in the USA have what it takes to appreciate such a novel invention?


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