- - Bjorn Shows-Off World's Lightest 3D-Printed Setka Saddle

Bjorn Shows-Off World’s Lightest 3D-Printed Setka Saddle

The Moscow-based brand Bjorn is showing-off its latest 3D-printed saddle called the Setka, claiming to be the world’s lightest perch of its kind.

Tipping the scales at a scant 140 grams, the Setka was deigned in partnership with the American company Carbon Inc, which features no fewer than of nine different structural zones to deliver what Bjorn claims is “unrivaled power transfer and allows the rider to experience the best comfort, no matter their position on the bike”.

The Setka also comprises 7 x 9 mm oval rails that are joined by a proprietary carbon core to support the 3D printed padding.

Additionally, the Setka also features a wide channel cut-out for relieving pressure in the soft tissue areas, while Bjorn says its engineers can adapt and change material density for optimal support and comfort.

At launch, the Setka is 250mm long by 143mm wide. However, Bjorn says it has plans to offer a wider 155mm version.

The Setka sells for a hefty $420, with availability starting in June.







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