- - Bollé Launches New Chronoshield Sunglasses

Bollé Launches New Chronoshield Sunglasses

Bollé has launched a new model of sunglasses called the Chronoshield, featuring the French brand’s Phantom lenses and frame technology that hark back to the 1980’s.

“Our B-Thin active design patented technology allows us to offer prescription lenses to 99% of people who wear glasses. Whether they are hi-tech, performance sunglasses for professional cyclists or simply multi-use, leisure sunglasses, the B-Thin active design prescription program provides a high-performance personalized answer to all wearers of single vision or varifocal lenses,” says Bollé.

In addition to its unique frame, the Chonoshield also features an angled, multi-plane nosepiece that can be adjusted to accommodate any nose bridge for a custom fit, while the nose pads themselves are hypoallergenic and can be tailored for a custom fit, giving the wearer additional control over comfort.

Also, the temples are made from flexible rubber, ensuring excellent hold while also having the ability to adapted to different facial shapes.  

The Chronoshield is available in four colors, matte navy, matte black, matte pink and gloss white, and sell for $164.00 to $234.00 depending on the lens.




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