- - #Boschsmiles eBike Demo Program

#Boschsmiles eBike Demo Program

The #BoschSmiles program will loan a Bosch-powered e-bike to 10 cyclists in San Francisco and Los Angeles this summer.

If you’re interested in an ebike, and wondering how one could fit into your daily life? Maybe it’s taking the kids to school, or carrying your groceries, or even just getting to work without getting sweaty. Bosch wants to know how one could change your life, and if you send your story you may be selected to demo a Bosch-powered e-bike for the summer in San Francisco or Los Angeles.

To be selected, send your vision, as to  how an e-bike would expand your lifestyle to 

A new cycling experience

Tailwind instead of a headwind. This is the new cycling, the new riding experience. This is ebiking: Electrical energy supports muscle power during pedaling. With the drive system developed by Bosch eBike Systems, steep becomes flatter, far away becomes closer, long becomes shorter, and fast becomes easier.

Perfect pedaling support for every situation

At the press of a button the motor provides just the right support demanded by the rider’s physical fitness, the terrain, or what the rider wants at the moment. The three perfectly complementary components of drive unit, battery, and on-board computer form a surprisingly simple and intuitive drive system.

European style eBikes make a difference

Within a short period of time, Germany-based global operating company Bosch has become the market leader for ebike drive systems, contributing greatly to the success of pedelecs (pedal electric cycles) as an environmentally friendly and healthy item of sports equipment as well as a means of transportation. Leading bicycle and ebike manufacturers trust the quality and innovation of Bosch, which are now available from selected brands for the first time in North America.

Welcome to a new era of mobility – for commuters, athletes, enthusiasts, trailblazers, and everyone for which an active life and the environment are near and dear.

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