- - B’Twin 900 Aerofit Road Shoe

B’Twin 900 Aerofit Road Shoe

It wasn’t all that long ago that finding a premium road shoe which featured a genuine carbon sole and a hi-tech closure system for anything south of $350 was nearly impossible.

However, as time and technology progress, so do manufacturing costs, and thus the trickle down effect takes place. We see this all of the time in the cycling trade. But, discovering a road shoe that meets the aforementioned criteria for less than $120 seems almost too good to be true.

Nevertheless, the French brand B’Twin (a subsidiary of Decathlon) recently added a new road specific shoe to its vast arsenal of products called the 900 Aerofit, which features a full carbon sole, a sophisticated three-layer upper and a twin-dial BOA and velcro strap closure system for the astonishingly cheap price of 79.99 £ ($113.50).

If the low price leaves you in doubt about the quality of the shoe, B’Twin wants consumers know that the 900 Aerofit wasn’t just whipped-up by sourcing an off-the-shelf design from a manufacturer in the Far East.

Rather, the shoe was designed alongside AG2R – La Mondial’s pro rider Jean-Christophe Peraud, who spent a year putting it through the rigors of racing in such events as the Tour de France, before full production got underway.

The 900 Aerofit is available in sizes of 40 to 46, as well as a range of stylish colors. You can learn more about the shoe by visiting B’Twin’s website here.  


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