- - CAKE Launches New Kalk INK SL Electric Motorcycle

CAKE Launches New Kalk INK SL Electric Motorcycle

Ok, so it’s not quite an eBike, but CAKE’s newest lightweight electric motorcycle called the Kalk INK SL sure is groovy enough for us pedal freaks to ink something about it. 

The new Kalk INK SL is latest model in the Swedish company’s series of Kalk electric motorcycles, which utilizes the same powerful drivetrain, battery and robust 6061 aluminum frame/swingarm design. However, the INK SL gets a newly developed non-linkage rear suspension and lightweight motocross inspired front suspension, fenders and bodywork made from injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS, along with a sturdy 19-inch wheelset, giving the INK SL new found off-road capabilities.

“We are stoked to be able to expand the urban CAKE presence with the new Kalk INK SL, which combines excellent off-road performance with efficient commuter qualities. This bike stems from the uncompromising and superlight Kalk &, but uses components, wheels, and suspension that are a bit more rigid, which means it’s straightforward to maintain and easy to use,” says founder and CEO of CAKE, Stefan Ytterborn.

“With the launch of the Kalk INK SL, we introduce the fourth model of street-legal CAKE bikes next to the Kalk& and recently released Ösa+ and Ösa Lite. Each of these models combines excitement with responsibility to inspire a turn toward zero emissions, whether that’s in remote or urban environments,” Ytterborn adds.

With the addition of turn signals, a front headlight, rear brake lights, LED display, footbrake and license plate holder, the Kalk INK SL is fully street-legal in the EU and US, while gearing allows it to reach a top speed of over 56mph/90kph. Moreover, riders can expect up to 3 hours of travel on a single charge.

The Kalk INK SL retails for $10,500 USD (€10,500 EUR), which will be available direct to consumers via, as well as select dealers worldwide starting in July.

Customers can pre-order the Kalk INK SL with a $200 USD (€200 EUR) deposit, while those looking for an installment payment solution can take advantage of CAKE’s new plan called Splitit, which allows them to pay over time with zero interest.

To learn more about the new Kalk INK SL and CAKE’s new payment program, you can visit

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