- - Campagnolo Introduces Its First Ever HPPM Crank-Based Power Meter

Campagnolo Introduces Its First Ever HPPM Crank-Based Power Meter

At long last, Campagnolo has finally delivered power to the people with the introduction of its first-ever crank-based HPPM power meter.

Claiming class-leading accuracy, the HPPM features 16 strain gauges that are housed within the spider of the crankset, boasting a claimed accuracy of +/- 1%, along with Campagnolo’s “Ultra-Torque” titanium axle and unidirectional carbon fiber crank arms, tipping the scales at an impressive 656 grams in a 172.5mm-45/29 configuration.

How does it work?

According to Campagnolo, the 16 sensors detect torque throughout the pedal stroke, subsequently combining the data with “real-time angular velocity data” via a built-in gyroscope. From there, the data from both values is measured every five milliseconds and fed through a “tailored algorithm” to offer “exceptional data interpretation”.

Additionally, the HPPM operates at a frequency of 200 hertz, relying on the use of a Wheatstone Bridge electrical circuit for its precision, while connectivity is provided by Bluetooth 2.4GHz and ANT+ protocols. Moreover, a new companion app called My Campy 3.0 provides system calibration and live battery readings.

Campagnolo says, a fully charged HPPM power meter can have a runtime of 5 weeks or 2500km on a single charge, with recharging requiring 3 hours and 45 minutes via the same 2-prong magnetic USB cable as Super Record Wireless, while the lithium polymer battery can be replaced by Campagnolo.

The new HPPM power meter crankset sells for $2449, with configurations available in 170, 172.5, or 175mm arms, as well as 45/29, 48/32, or 50/34T chainring combinations.




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