- - Campagnolo Revises the Shamal Ultra C17 Wheelset

Campagnolo Revises the Shamal Ultra C17 Wheelset


Campagnolo has treated the cycling media to a veritable bacchanalia of bike goods today. 

First, the iconic Italian brand unveiled their new Potenza groupset, followed by a titillating glimpse of its new disc braking system. 

To cap things off, Campagnolo has rolled out details of its newly revised Shamal Ultra 17 wheelset. 

After a rather stolid existence over the last decade or so, which saw the Shamal produced in various forms, to include both deep section and low profile models, for its latest iteration, Campagnolo has decided to get onboard with the go wider wheel trend, while also reducing weight.   

As its name implies, the new Shamal Ultra 17 features a wider internal rim width of 17mm over the previous 15mm design. Needless to say, this is Campagnolo’s answer to the call for wider wheels, as a means of satisfying the ever-growing gravel grinder/off-road segment. 

As a result, the new Shamal can accommodate tires up to 28mm.


In addition to going wider, Campagnolo has equipped the new Shamals with USB ceramic bearings, a new adjustable lockring that provides for adjustable preload on the bearings and oversized rear hub flange with bladed spokes that feature their Mega 3 pattern, along with their anti-rotation system that aligns the spokes in their most aerodynamic position. 

According to Campagnolo, the Shamal Ultra C17 will be available in a standard clincher version (1,495g), as well as a 2-Way Fit option (1,505g).

The 2-Way Fit is designed to accommodate both standard clincher tires, as well as a tubeless system. 

No specific prices have been set for the US market, but Campagnolo has provided the following for the European market: €1,201.92 (Campagnolo freehub) and €1,208.08 (Shimano/SRAM), while the 2-Way Fit model will be €1,250.37 (Campagnolo) and €1,255.75 (Shimano/SRAM).

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