- - Canyon Forms Partnership with TheMagic5 to Develop Custom Fit Products

Canyon Forms Partnership with TheMagic5 to Develop Custom Fit Products

Canyon has announced a new partnership with TheMagic5, with the goal of developing custom fit products by expanding the latter’s proprietary fitting technology.

According to Canyon, the German brand was inspired by TheMagic5’s technology when they first saw it featured on the Shark Tank, showcasing the company’s latest app that’s designed to custom fit its range of swim goggles to the client via facial scanning software.

“Canyon and TheMagic5 will work together to find the next level of technology-based custom-fit products by expanding the application of their proprietary fitting technology. As the first to enable online customization through a scan on a mobile application, TheMagic5 brought the world’s first custom-fit swimming goggles to market. Using the same model of one size fits only one, we will explore new possibilities and develop innovative products with unparalleled consumer access to more comfortable, better fitting, and more functional cycling equipment,” says Canyon.

“Joining forces with Canyon will allow TheMagic5 to expand the use of their fitting software into new products, ask new questions, and ultimately create a better experience for more athletes. Although operating in different industries, both companies have a shared vision: eliminating pain and discomfort in fit to ensure no one is limited by equipment. Through the technology partnership, both Canyon and TheMagic5 hope to expand their perspectives from crossing barriers and industries,” adds TheMagic5 co-founder Rasmus Barfred.

While Canyon has yet to disclose how it plans to utilize TheMagic5’s technology, custom 3D-printed components and saddles are the first products that come to mind.

From there, perhaps further developments may lead to the ability to conduct remote, custom bike fitting. It will be interesting to see how the technology progresses.

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