- - Carrera AR-01 Roadbike Debuts at Eurobike

Carrera AR-01 Roadbike Debuts at Eurobike

We’ve been hearing and seeing spurious details about Carrera’s new AR-01 road bike for a few weeks now, but it hasn’t been until this week’s Eurobike show, that the new aero bike has truly unveiled itself.

Above and beyond the obvious traits, that qualify the AR-01 to be part of the ever-growing aero-bike segment, this bike features an unique integrated front-end, which brings handlebar, stem, top tube, head tube and fork together, to make one bold fuselage.  

In addition, Carrera’s 3BrakeSystem allows for optional brake configurations, ranging from traditional caliper brakes, disk brakes and/or direct Mount brakes.

According to Carrera, the AR-01 painstaking design aspects produce a bicycle that offers unparalleled ride characteristics, exhibits phenomenal handling stability, even during high speed cornering or technical descents and various stopping power solutions. Every design facet of Carrera’s AR-01 encompasses precision engineering elements, creating a “Stand-out” bicycle within the Aero-bike category.

Judging by what we can see, we believe ’em! But, let’s hope one hits these shores sometime soon.

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