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Castelli Tempesta Leg Warmers

As Jack Frost continues to rear his head around the world, it’s time for die-hard roadies to start upping their wardrobe – if they want to stay warm. And, one of the prerequisites for accomplishing this, is a good pair of leg-warmers. Better still, a pair that is waterproof.

The only leg-warmers that come to mind, which boasts both warmth and waterproof properties, are Castelli’s Tempestas.

Designed to be worn in conjunction with their Tempesta ¾ rain pant, for total lower body rain-proofing, the leg warmers can also be used with just bib shorts as well. 

Additionally, the Tempesta leg-warmers also features Castelli’s Reflex high-visability treatment on the lower half, for added safety.

Stay warm! 


If you’re riding without fenders you know that the lower legs get wheel spray from both front and back and are one of the hardest spots to keep dry. So we made the lower part of this leg warmer with waterproof reflective fabric so that the spray will just run off. You wear this warmer with your favorite shorts, underneath the Tempesta 3/4 pant, and OVER your waterproof booties. You get ventilation under the pant, and because the warmer is placed over the bootie, the rain just runs right off. The large reflective area on your moving legs is highly visible for extra safety, and in our testing this piece has become a favorite for night rides.

  • Made to wear with the Tempesta 3/4 pant 
  • Can be used as a normal leg warmer for extra water protection and visibility 
  • Waterproof Reflex lower leg provides water protection and visibility 
  • Nano Flex upper portion for water repellency should spray come up under the Tempesta pant
    Giro3 leg gripper 
  • Ankle zipper positioned at outside of ankle to prevent water entering

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