- - Castelli Unveils New Premio Black Bibshorts

Castelli Unveils New Premio Black Bibshorts

After more than 10 years in the making, Castelli has unveiled its most sophisticated bibshorts to date called the Premio Black, with the goal of offering cyclists “the most comfortable performance shorts for long-distance riding.”

To support this lofty claim, the Premio Black is constructed with a newly engineered fabric that was developed exclusively for Castelli, comprising a woven structure that’s designed to grip the body by forcing the Lycra material to create an outward surface.

“This short wouldn’t be possible without the state-of-the-art engineered weave fabric created exclusively for us. The advantages of the fabric include staying drier since there’s just less fabric, as well as a wider temperature range,” says Castelli. “It’s better in cool weather since the tight weave means less wind comes through, while it’s great in hot weather since the thinner fabric means that moisture evaporates closer to your skin to keep you cool,” boasts Castelli. 

Inside the Premio Black, Castelli relies on its Progetto X2 Air Seamless pad, a match the Italian brand says is ideal given the pad’s seamless construction, low weight and unique two-level design. Moreover, in view of the modular like structure of the materials, Castelli says the number of parts used to make the bibshorts has been reduced to just three.

“There’s a soft foam for immediate comfort, with a medium-density foam for support and 3mm gel pads under the sit bones and perineum,” says Castelli.

Additionally, Castelli was keen to develop a style for female cyclists, which utilizes a women’s-specific version of the Progetto X2 Air pad, along with wider bib straps or no straps at all, including a shorter leg length.

The new Premio Black bibshorts sell for $259.99. 




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