- - Classified and TRP Partner on New VISTAR // Powershift Groupset

Classified and TRP Partner on New VISTAR // Powershift Groupset

Classified has partnered with TRP to develop the latest VISTAR // Powershift electronic groupset, which was unveiled at last week’s Eurobike in Frankfurt, Germany, with a full product launch scheduled at the end of September. 

The new drivetrain is available in a 1×16 model for road and a 1×15 version for gravel, setting what Classified says is “a new precedent in high-performance drivetrains, providing superior efficiency and durability, and the widest-range road and gravel groupset on the market.”

Focusing on a simpler drivetrain with more functionality, the VISTAR // Powershift features a unique and innovative setup, combining TRP’s new, intuitive QuantumShift gearing with Classified’s integrated Powershift Technology, enabling cyclists to enjoy the ease of a 1x drivetrain with all the advantages of a 2x system – without the need for a front derailleur.

The groupset’s 1x configuration simplifies gearing, wherein the single front chainring and close-ratio, 12-speed cassette create a clean and low-maintenance setup, while the QuantumShift provides riders smart shifting courtesy of integrated buttons on a single brake lever, taking them through 15 or 16 unique gears. Moreover, there’s the option to shift the Powershift hub and derailleur independently, enabling all 24 gear options.

“A range of >530% (using an 11-40T cassette) is truly unrivaled, the widest on the market, and ensures riders always find the right gear, whatever the gradient,” boasts Classified. 

Shifting for the entire groupset, including Classified’s two-speed Powershift Hub, is wirelessly controlled by the VISTAR’s brake levers via TRP’s wireless CMD (Command) protocol.  

Additionally, the benefit of no front derailleur in the new set-up enables maximum performance by minimizing aerodynamic drag. Also, the VISTAR // Powershift’s 1x set-up allows riders to push bigger gears and reduces friction and energy loss while optimizing drivetrain efficiency through smarter, straighter chain line management. The Wave Technology built into the TRP cassette also provides direct and quick shifting.

Meanwhile, shifting is possible when stationary or even when sprinting at full power, changing how riders interact with their gears and simplifying their overall riding experience. Furthermore, the ability to ride with one large chainring also reduces the load on the chain, cassette and bearings, improving the lifetime of each component.

Elsewhere, riders can choose between two new chainsets: the Classified aero chainset, which offers increased aerodynamics and efficiency, or the gossamer styling of the VISTAR chainset.

“We have spent two years collaborating with TRP on this groundbreaking product and are excited to showcase the VISTAR // Powershift groupset for the first time,” says Classified CEO Mathias Plouvier.

“Both Classified and TRP share the same strategic vision about pushing the boundaries of drivetrain technologies and we have achieved our goal of creating a pioneering product that not only is fast, efficient and durable, but also offers the widest gear range on the market. We’re proud to have joined forces with Classified on our first electronic drop bar road and gravel groupset. Both companies are driven to disrupt the market with innovative, new technologies, and with VISTAR // Powershift, we have delivered a unique groupset that provides top-tier 2x performance with all the benefits of a 1x system,” adds TRP CEO Leo Chen.

Lastly, the system requires the use of Classified’s wheels, or a set that’s built with the brand’s Powershift hub.

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