- - Closca Introduces Innovation Bottle with Its Own App for Finding Water

Closca Introduces Innovation Bottle with Its Own App for Finding Water

Now that the urban cycling culture has become inundated with hipsters of every denomination, designers have been keen to come up with unusual forms of bike gear that present a twist on convention.

With that in mind, we can’t think of a product that better captures the zeitgeist of the neo-urban cyclist than Closca’s new innovative water bottle and accompanying app. 

Leveraging design and technology the Closca water bottle features a sleek, elegant design that easily attaches to any bike via an innovative silicone flap.

However, transporting water in a stylish and clever way isn’t its only feature, as there’s a dedicated app that provides cyclists with the ability to locate places where they can refill their bottles for free. 

Closca is currently undertaking a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter as mean of getting the water bottle into full production, giving special incentives to early backers.

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What lies under?

Plastic production has soared over the last 50 years with pollution becoming a global epidemic and one of the top concerns for ocean health.

At Closca, we leverage both innovation and design to help solve the great challenges of today.

We truly believe that we can make tomorrow better, if we change our ways today – and now we want to be part of the solution with our Closca Bottle + App project.

The Closca bottle has successfully passed the prototype and testing stage, and we are now entering the production phase. The first 300 bottles sold will be delivered first (estimated December delivery date), followed by the other Kickstarter orders.

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