- - Colnago Dazzles at Eurobike with Tricolore C60 Roadbike

Colnago Dazzles at Eurobike with Tricolore C60 Roadbike

Colnago dazzled onlookers at last week’s Eurobike show, with a range of tricolore paint schemes for its 2016 flagship C60 roadbike.

According to Colnago, the paint schemes are limited to just 100 bikes. Which raises the question, out of that 100, what bikes get painted what? Is color allotted to just 25 bikes? Are they painted to order, and does production end at 100 regardless of color? 

Anyway, knowing the appeal the Italian marque has, suffice to say, better grab one while you can. After all, the Italians are notorious for their sketchy math. Remember the lira?  😛 

“The Colnago C60 Tricolore is a work of art on two wheels which combines the class and style of one of the most famous Italian brands in the world to the great technology of a frame that can not be compared with any other,” boldly claims Colnago.


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