- - Cycling Tales Abound with Sportful's "Squadra Avventura"

Cycling Tales Abound with Sportful’s “Squadra Avventura”


What’s become equally vital to the success of any cycling brand, is the creation of a sense of “culture” or “community” that’s commensurate with the product’s performance as well.

A recent example of this, is Sportful’s Squadra Avventura, which culls stories from the apparel brand’s loyal ambassadors, that involve tales of adventure attended by vivid imagery, give in roadside, story-telling fashion – from places less traveled.


Each month a new tale unfolds from the binder of Squadra Avventura, with stories of cycling adventure being told from the saddle and emanating from all axes of the globe – while resplendent in Sportful attire of course.

Cyclists who are keen storytellers wanted! 





 Squadra Avventura

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