- - DT Swiss Expands Its ARC Dicut Range of Wheels with New 38mm Version

DT Swiss Expands Its ARC Dicut Range of Wheels with New 38mm Version

DT Swiss has added a 38mm variant to its ARC Dicut range of wheels, touting it as the ultimate climbing wheel that strikes “the perfect balance between aero and lightweight”, tipping the scales at a svelte 1,292 grams.

“The ARC lineup was conceived to be the ultimate aerodynamically optimized road wheels. The second generation was reborn faster, setting new benchmarks in aerodynamics, with the ARC DISC wheel completing the range shortly after. Now DT Swiss welcomes the ARC 1100 DICUT 38 and ARC 1400 DICUT 38, created to support those who want to dominate mountain stages. With a newly developed carbon layup and a rim height of 38 mm, this wheel not only claims the title of lightest wheel in our ARC line, but thanks to its careful aero optimization, also promises a swift rise to the top,” boasts DT Swiss.

According to DT Swiss, at low yaw angles, the new ARC Dicut 38 achieves almost the same aerodynamic performance as the ARC Dicut 50, while the new wheel surpassed the likes of Enve, Hunt, Lightweight and Fulcrum with the lowest weighted drag when shod with Continental GP5000S 25mm TR tires.

The new ARC Dicut 38 is available with a choice between the German brand’s DT 180 hub called the ARC 1100 Dicut 38 for $2,999.80, while the less costly ARC 1400 Dicut 38 comes with the DT240 hub for $2,399.80.



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