- - Garmin Launches VivoActive 3 Smartwatch

Garmin Launches VivoActive 3 Smartwatch

Garmin announced the launch of its new VívoActive 3 GPS smartwatch, that introduces the company’s new Garmin Pay, which provides users with a new a contactless payment solution that lets them make secure payments from the watch with no phone or wallet required.

In addition, the VivoActive 3 features Garmin’s wrist-based Elevate heart rate monitor, which is capable of providing over 15 built-in indoor and outdoor sports apps.

“Anyone who is out and about being active can relate to the struggle of where to stash a credit card or cash, and has had to forgo a post-workout snack or coffee as a result,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales. “We’re solving that dilemma with Garmin Pay, an exciting feature on the new vívoactive 3. Use it pretty much wherever contactless payments are accepted, and give yourself one less thing to remember when you’re leaving the house.”

According to Garmin, Garmin Pay, enabled by FitPay, supports Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards from major issuing banks, with more being added every day. Adding these cards into their Garmin Pay wallet gives users the same rewards and benefits of the physical cards, with the convenience of having them right on the wrist.

Smart, sturdy and stylish, the VívoActive 3 features stainless steel metal details and an always-on high-resolution Garmin Chroma display for great readability in all lighting conditions. The VívoActive 3 also introduces Side Swipe, a control which makes for quick scrolling and swift navigation of menus, widgets and stats. And because some users will prefer to scroll with their thumb and others with their index fingers, the VívoActive 3 features an ambidextrous design, allowing it to be worn in whichever orientation is most comfortable. Like all of Garmin’s wearables, the VívoActive 3 is safe for swimming and showering and has a battery life of up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and 13 hours in GPS mode.

With the Elevate wrist-based heart rate function, users can access fitness monitoring features including VO2 max and fitness age which provide valuable data to monitor changes in fitness level. All-day stress tracking is also available on the vívoactive 3 by monitoring HRV (heart rate variability) data. The ability to view both current stress levels at the wrist and a longer timetable of stress on Garmin Connect allows users to identify patterns and consider making lifestyle changes to avoid or better cope with stress-inducing situations. A Four-Fold Breath relaxation timer further helps users balance stress and rest.

Furthermore, with thousands of watch faces, widgets, data fields and apps available to download for free from the Garmin Connect IQ store, users can customize their device, making it go from being a smartwatch to something way more personalized.

The VívoActive 3 is designed with an on-the-go lifestyle in mind. With more than 15 built-in sports apps including new profiles for cardio, yoga, elliptical and stair stepper, the VívoActive 3 takes users  from the gym to the slopes and everywhere in between. With the new strength training activity, users can stay focused on their form and let the VívoActive 3 do the rep counting. Strength training keeps track of reps, sets and even rest times, during free weight and bodyweight exercises. Bored of the same old workout routines? With VívoActive 3, users can mix it up by creating customized running, cycling, cardio and strength workouts on Garmin Connect and downloading them straight to their device.

Users can now stay connected while on the move, by having smart notification vibration alerts delivered right to their wrist. When paired with a compatible smartphone, users can receive and even respond to text messages and see social media updates, app alerts, calls, emails and more. The VívoActive 3 can also be used to control music on a smartphone, send an alert to locate a misplaced smartphone and control a Garmin VIRB camera.

The VívoActive 3 also includes LiveTrack, a feature that provides loved ones with peace of mind during outdoor workouts by tracking activity and location in real time. User can now receive invitations via email, Facebook or Twitter with a link to a webpage that includes the position of the connected VívoActive 3 device.

Additionally, the VívoActive 3 automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect mobile app throughout the day, and it can save stats for easy access later. Moreover, with Garmin Connect, users can see their workouts, strength training activities, stress levels, sleep patterns displayed on detailed graphs, while outdoor workouts on detailed maps, can compete in weekly challenges and connect with other fitness enthusiasts, right from a compatible smartphone or desktop computer.

The VívoActive 3 comes in three colors – black/stainless and white/stainless (with a suggested retail price of $299.99) and black/slate ($329.99). Users also have the option to switch up their style with compatible accessory bands (sold separately).

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