- - Google Chrome Extension Adds More Features to Strava

Google Chrome Extension Adds More Features to Strava

If you’re a Strava junkie who’s eager for more data, take joy in knowing there’s a new Google Chrome extension called, StravistiX , which can give you even more metrics to ogle over

StravistiX developed by French programmer and amateur rider, Thomas Champagne, who grew frustrated at the lack of data available on on the basic Strava platform, so he decided the only solution was to create his own piece of software that would expand upon the current app.  

Perhaps, the most attractive features about StravistiX, is its ability to give users additional measurements based on quartiles.

What are quartiles, and what do they provide, you ask?

The simplest answer is, they’re a much smaller breakdown in metrics, which can provide data based on random variables that factor in toward  final statical values.

Get it now? We hope so, because we don’t.  🙄 

Anyway, for the more analytical savvy, the new software allows cyclists to delve much deeper into their ride data, to include providing a whole new range of tables and graphs, that can map such things as heart rate, power, cadence, and speed in much greater detail.

Additionally, there’s what’s called the TRIMP (training impulse score), which is similar to Strava’s own Suffer Score, which calculates how hard a cyclist has worked during his or her ride –  based on heart rate.

StravistiX is free to download as an extension on Google Chrome, which already has more than 500 reviews encouraging its use.

For the rest of us computational illiterates, we’ll stick with our pocket bike maps.  😕

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