- - Harley-Davidson Unveils Updated Range of E-Bikes

Harley-Davidson Unveils Updated Range of E-Bikes

Harley-Davidson unveiled updated versions of their highly anticipated range of e-bikes on its website this week. 

Under the links “Future Vehicles” and “Planned for 2021 E-bicycles Future Concepts“, the storied motorcycle brand showcased its new models, which feature bold, rigid designs with belt-driven mid-motors and a step-through frame on one model. 

Harley-Davidson announced its foray into the e-bike segment about a year ago, showing-off some prototype models alongside the company’s first electric motorcycle called the LiveWire that makes its debut this fall.

Additionally, Harley-Davidson also acquired StaCyc Inc., a producer of electric balance bikes for kids, and began selling a 12-inch and 16-inch model this year. 

There are no specific performance specs on the planned e-bikes other than to say they’re pedal-assist.

However, while current trends attempt to make e-bikes look more like traditional bikes, Harley clearly hasn’t gone that route, as the bikes appear to posses sharp lines and modern styling that combine the familiarity of a bicycle with the visual weight of a motorcycle. 


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