- - HJC Launches New "FURION" and "H:SONIC" Cycling Helmets

HJC Launches New “FURION” and “H:SONIC” Cycling Helmets


The little-known Korean brand, HJC, has launched two new helmets, a lightweight aero helmet called the FURION and its more traditional sibling the H:SONIC.   

According to HJC, what differentiates its FURION and H:SONIC from the myriad of existing helmets on the market, is that they incorporate years of know-how gained from the brand’s experience in the GP-Moto segment, to include its own wind-tunnel testing facility. 

The FURION features an 11 vent in-mold shell design, which HJC claims weighs a mere 200g for the smallest size.

Inside, the FURION boasts removable antibacterial padding throughout, along with the company’s Skeletal Inner Frame Roll Cage SystemAdvanced Channeling Ventilation System and a Customized 3D Retention System, which has a height adjustable click wheel retention system and lightweight straps. 

Similarly, the H:SONIC shares many of the same features as the FURION, but with even greater ventilation and an eyewear port for glasses. 

Both helmets meet CE CN1078 certification, and are available in three sizes and a choice of four different colors with a retail price of €229.95 and €200 respectively.  

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Starting 2013 HJC have formed a special small group to develop HJC’s own line of Bicycle helmets. Since then and with basic principle in mind HJC was focused to develop high quality road cycle helmet. Compared to motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets are different in terms of construction, but essentially require same basic principle as in light weight, durability, ventilation, aero dynamics, and comfort. The basic principle knowledge from motorcycle helmet would be adapted in building bicycle helmets, and knowledge about the material behavior, impact resistance profile, dimensions, and measurements are all essential element of sensitivity in building great quality helmets.

From MOTO GP top of the line motorcycle helmets to Extreme Road Cycle riding, In the modern era of helmet manufacturing, HJC is proud to say that our helmets are constantly tested in both laboratory testing as well as in “real” life for quality assurance. HJC is only one of very few helmet companies that are equipped with its own state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory to test for aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, and more.

Cross technical adaptation from motorcycle race technology to High End Road Cycle helmets, HJC testing LABs measures the constant force within the ride condition.

Starting from concept design to HJC R&D engineering to top of the line manufacturing, everyday is excitement discovering new and powerful ways to make the something great. Soon to be, what the world will have on their hand will be top of the class engineering with great strength and drive!



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