- - Hornit Launches Lightweight "Clug Pro" Bike Mount

Hornit Launches Lightweight “Clug Pro” Bike Mount

Hornit has launched an updated version of its lightweight Clug bike mount aptly called the Clug Pro, which now tips the scales at a mere 26 grams.

Carrying over the features of the original CLUG but by adding an integrated FIDLOCK magnetic winch handle and ratchet system, the new CLUG PRO is able to hold heavier e-bikes weighing up to 30kg (66 pounds).
Engineered to hold up to 30kg once the winch is magnetically locked into place, you can have total peace of mind that your bike will remain rock-solid in the event of a hard knock from someone brushing past or an unwelcome puncture after long term storage,” boasts Hornit.

“It’s so small that it’s virtually invisible when the bike isn’t there,” adds Hornit.

Made from ABS polymer, the CLUG PRO is available in 5 sizes, like the original CLUG. Starting at 23mm for road bikes and going up to 81mm for chunkier mountain bike tires the CLUG PRO ranges from £25.99 to £27.99.

The Clug Pro comes with a 2-year warranty, which Hornit says has the durability of 10,000 insertions.  




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