- - Hövding’s Airbag for Cyclists Comes Out on Top According to a New Helmet Test

Hövding’s Airbag for Cyclists Comes Out on Top According to a New Helmet Test

The Swedish insurance group, Folksam, has released the results from its latest testing of adult bicycle helmets. Since 2012, Folksam has carried out consumer tests of bicycle, ski, and equestrian helmets to help consumers choose safe helmets and encourage manufacturers to make safer products.

Of the 27 helmets that Folksam tested, the Hövding’s airbag for cyclists come to on top, offering outstanding shock absorption and protection from oblique impact. Moreover, compared to the worst performing helmet in the test, the Hövding airbag provided a seven times lower risk of concussion according to the tests.

– This is an incredibly strong endorsement of Hövding’s protection ability. Folksam’s tests are thorough and exceed the law requirements. Hövding’s superior results make us more determined than ever to carry on with our mission to protect even more cyclists, says Fredrik Carling, Hövding’s CEO.

The current testing requirements for most countries only demand that helmet be tested during perpendicular impact, which reflects the helmets’ energy absorption capacity but not how the brain is affected in a bicycle accident. Folksam’s tests are considerably tougher as they include the risk of concussion. This year’s tests include a so called oblique impact, which is the most likely bike accident scenario. During oblique impact, the head is subjected to rotational forces which the brain is extremely sensitive to and can lead to concussion and serious brain injuries with long term consequences.

According to Folksam, too many traditional helmets are still approved despite the inferior protection provided during a bike accident. This has been proven in computer simulated tests which also reveal Hövding’s superior capacity to protect the brain during oblique impact. Hövding’s airbag is thicker and absorbs the energy much more efficiently than a traditional helmet.

Folksam’s tests conclude: “Hövding 3 provided the best protection and scored the best test results by far concerning shock absorption as well as oblique impact mitigation. Compared to the worst performing helmet in our test, Hövding offers a seven times lower risk of brain injury.”


Other helmets that scored highly were the Biltema Cykelhjälm Mips, Tec Quadriga Mips, Scott Vivo Plus Mips, Bell Super Air R Mips, Bontrager Specter WaveCel, Occano Mips and the Specialized S-Works Prevail II/ Angi.


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