- - "IdeaHunt" is Designed to Bring Bike Brands, Industry Experts and Consumers Closer

“IdeaHunt” is Designed to Bring Bike Brands, Industry Experts and Consumers Closer


There’s a new online platform called IdeaHunt, which is designed to bring bike brands, industry experts and consumers around the globe closer together, by allowing industry leaders alongside buyers to give their feedback and suggestions directly to manufacturers and product designers.  

According to IdeaHunt, their platform is designed to generate opinions from both industry “influentials” and consumers, who can provide valuable input to brands on both existing and new products that are under development.

IdeaHunt says, so far they have 200,000 followers across nearly 100 business profiles globally, with an important focus on the cycling industry. 

For example, IdeaHunt assisted the bike brand, Hexlox, with its recent, successful Kickstarter campaign, by providing valuable feedback from industry experts and prospective customers during its crowd-funding campaign. (example)


IdeaHunt says, brands can set-up an account in three easy steps. And from there, they can assist clients with creating a microsite for their brand and call upon its database of influential users to submit their ideas before inviting a dedicated panel cycling influentials to submit their final thoughts.

Users can submit feedback in many forms, from video logs, images or text suggestions. Content is further shared on social media to broaden the input pool.

IdeaHunt believes, that with its crowd-sourced approach, brands can link up with their most prolific contributors and potentially recruit ambassadors or staff.

In some cases, contributor’s to a brand’s feedback pool will be allowed to keep product samples as an incentive.


A dedicated site for bicycle brands and those wishing to join the ranks giving feedback is now live at

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