- - Inside Team Sky's Mobile Kitchen - Tour De France 2015

Inside Team Sky’s Mobile Kitchen – Tour De France 2015

Global Cycling Network Takes a Look Inside Team Sky’s Mobile Kitchen 

Could this vehicle be the real secret to Team Sky’s success? Well, quite possibly! Take a look around the kitchen and dining truck with Daniel Lloyd and see just how much thought goes into fuelling the team.

Mobile kitchens are nothing new at pro races, but it’s definitely fair to say that they are some of the most closely guarded bits of team infrastructure. And for good reason, nutrition is one of the areas a team can make significant gains over their rivals.

Fortunately we were able to sneak in to the new Team Sky kitchen and dining truck to have a good look around. Juices, smoothies and whole foods galore.

Oh, and definitely the best coffee machine we’ve ever seen at a bike race. Check it out.

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