- - Japanese Anime Brings Cycling to Life with "Hill Climb Girl"

Japanese Anime Brings Cycling to Life with “Hill Climb Girl”

Japanese Anime brings cycling to life with its latest animation called “Hill Climb Girl”.

Hinako is a high school girl who loves cycling. Every morning, she competes with her classmate on the road, climbing up to their school to impress him and make him invite her on a date.

Defeated every day, Hinako refuses to give up this time. After watching Bradley Wiggins’ phenomenal climbing while the Tour de France was on TV, Hinako wakes up firmly resolved to win over her rival.

As soon as the race begins, her commuting bike turns into carbon fiber Pinnarelo and her school uniform with folded skirt is replaced by a Team Sky kit. The battle is on.

The movie runs for just a few minutes, which is in Japanese with Spanish subtitles, but there’s no need for translation anyway.

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