- - Kinomaps Offers New Multiplayer Sessions

Kinomaps Offers New Multiplayer Sessions

Kinomap is now offering its latest multiplayer sessions feature, enhancing how users engage with their workouts by promising a new level of excitement and motivation amongst its members around the globe.

Kinomap’s multiplayer sessions are live sports events where fitness enthusiasts from around the world compete on the same video course in real-time, which can be public or private, providing a dynamic and engaging way to stay motivated by sharing the experience with others.

“We are thrilled to introduce multiplayer sessions on Kinomap, revolutionizing how users interact with their fitness routines. This exciting feature not only elevates the workout experience but also fosters a global community, driving motivation and engagement to new heights,” said Philippe Moity, CEO of Kinomap.

Public vs. Private Multiplayer Sessions

So, how does it work? Kinomap offers two distinct types of multiplayer sessions to suit your workout preferences:

Public Multiplayer Sessions: Organized by Kinomap, these sessions are open to all users. Scheduled in advance, they provide an opportunity for participants of all fitness levels to join a collective event, challenge friends, and compete against new opponents from around the world.

Private Multiplayer Sessions: These sessions allow users to create personalized events by inviting specific participants. Ideal for workouts with friends or family, private sessions offer full control over activity parameters, including the type of activity, video selection, difficulty level, and start time. Participants can also enjoy audio chat for a more interactive and social experience.

Discover the New Regular Multiplayer Sessions

Since March, Kinomap has been offering new public multiplayer sessions every day across three different time zones:

  • Central Europe (CET): Including Paris, Berlin, and Rome
  • Eastern Time (EST): Including New York and Quebec
  • Pacific Time (PST): Including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver

These sessions are scheduled at 6:30 PM from Monday to Friday, and at 10 AM, 4 PM, and 7 PM on weekends. Additionally, Kinomap continues its popular Wednesday Cycling sessions at 6:30 PM or 7:30 PM and Sunday Running sessions at 10 AM.

Creating or joining a multiplayer session on Kinomap is simple and straightforward:

Create a Multiplayer Session: To create a private session, ensure you have followers on Kinomap. Select your desired video, click the black button next to the START button, set the date and time, invite your followers, and click the VALIDATE button.

Join a Multiplayer Session: For public sessions, navigate to the “Challenges” tab and find the Event Sessions menu. Ensure your equipment is connected and click to join. For private sessions, check the “Your multiplayer sessions” menu at the bottom of the Challenges page.

Participants can join sessions up to 15 minutes before the start time, providing a chance to warm up and prepare. Discover the thrill of global competition with Kinomap’s new regular multiplayer sessions. 

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