- - KLIMAT Now Supports Under Armour Connected Fitness

KLIMAT Now Supports Under Armour Connected Fitness

KLIMAT, the world’s leading climate tagging tool now integrates with Under Armour Connected Fitness apps to incorporate weather, air quality, and other at-a-glance information about outdoor conditions for outdoor athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. 

KLIMAT automatically populates current weather information for any global location into users’ fitness app training logs for activities like runs, bicycle rides, cross country and downhill ski outings, hiking adventures and more. Initially built to support the social fitness app Strava, KLIMAT’s developer responded to growing demand by adding support for Under Armour Connected Fitness line of MapMyFitness apps, including MapMyRun, MapMyRide, and MapMyWalk. Klimat works with any Apple and Android smartphone or mobile device.

By connecting KLIMAT with Strava or an Under Armour fitness tracking app, users automatically receive updates about outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, air quality data from AirVisual, and more. The app’s latest version can also extract weather conditions at the minimum and maximum altitudes of an activity as well as from the activity’s beginning and its end. Users can customize the data they want to see and in what format, create their own labels, add emojis, and choose their preferred language.

“Weather and air quality affect everyone’s outdoor activities,” said Scott Ferguson, developer of KLIMAT. “In addition to being able to plan and respond to the weather during an outdoor activity, having a record of the weather conditions after a workout is key to understanding how you’re improving so that you can better reach your goals. We’re constantly working to make KLIMAT as useful to athletes and fitness enthusiasts as possible. We’re excited to roll out a new version that supports Under Armour Connected Fitness apps.”

As a part of the Under Armour Connected Fitness launch, KLIMAT is offering free access to premium features to the first Under Armour users for a limited time. Details are available on the Klimat blog at

Learn more about KLIMAT and compare free and premium features at

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