- - KOM Cycling Introduces New On-Bike Storage Accessories

KOM Cycling Introduces New On-Bike Storage Accessories

Known for their extensive range of computer mounts and full-motion indoor cycling Rocker Plate, KOM Cycling has introduced two new on-bike storage accessories called the KOM Tube Strap and KOM Saddle Tool Roll.

The Tube Strap features an open design with stretch slots for different items, including a tube, levers, CO2 cartridge and mini tool, while the Saddle Tool Roll offers a closed design with separate pockets inside for the same items with some extra room for other necessities. Both are compatible with road, gravel and MTB frames.

Additionally, both accessories feature the ATOP Reel Knob Lacing System, a dial-closure system that allows for easy tightening and quick removal.

“We’re always brainstorming and tinkering in search of innovative-but-simple solutions to common issues, and on-bike storage is an area we thought could use some new ideas,” said KOM’s founder, Austin Loper. “With all the frame variations across all the bike categories, we knew it had to be easily installable in lots of different places, and the ATOP system opened up lots of options. And it’s so easy to open/close and more secure and durable than traditional hook-and-loop systems.”

The Tube Strap sells for $29.99, while the Saddle Tool Roll costs $34.99.

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