- - Le Col Introduces New Hors Categorie Lightweight Bib Short

Le Col Introduces New Hors Categorie Lightweight Bib Short

After years of relentless development and extensive testing with thousands of kilometers in the saddle, Le Col has introduced its latest Hors Categorie Lightweight Bib Short.

The new Hors Categorie Lightweight Bib Shorts were styled around the already meticulously designed 2nd generation of the Hors Categorie Bib Shorts. The only difference is that these shorts are engineered to meet the demands of your longest and hottest summer rides and all-day epics.

Key Features and Innovations:

  • Lightweight Fabric: The main body of the shorts features a lighter fabric weight of 135gsm, compared to the 160gsm of the standard Hors Categorie Bib Shorts II. This ensures a second-skin feel that moves effortlessly with you, providing the ideal combination of support and breathability in sweltering conditions.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Fit: Designed to be supportive yet optimize freedom of movement, these shorts sit close to the skin so riders don’t even notice them, delivering unbeatable comfort when the intensity and temperatures climb, allowing you to focus on your ride.

  • Perforated Raw-Cut Elastic Straps: These straps seamlessly blend lightweight design with optimized ventilation, offering exceptional shape retention and elasticity without compromising on comfort.

  • Minimalist Seam Construction: A streamlined fit minimizes friction, ensuring that riders stay focused on the long road ahead.

  • Temperature Range: Perfectly designed for temperature ranges of 25-30+ degrees Celsius, these shorts are your ideal companion for the hottest summer rides.

Le Col has retained the same high-quality chamois from the Hors Categorie Bib Shorts II, ensuring consistent performance where it matters most. The focus of these new shorts is on their unparalleled lightweight design, making them an essential addition to any cyclist’s wardrobe.

The all-new Hors Categorie Lightweight Bib Short is available for purchase on the Le Col website in Black/White and Navy/White.

Additionally, when paired with the Hors Categorie Lightweight Jersey, customers will receive a discount if purchased with Bib Short.

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