- - Legendary Framebuilder Ben Serotta Returns with New Design Studio

Legendary Framebuilder Ben Serotta Returns with New Design Studio

Almost like the return of Twiggy, legendary framebuilder Ben Serotta has emerged from a long absence to reprise what he does best – build glorious bike frames from metal

From his new studio aptly titled the Serotta Design Studio, the Magus of Metal is offering two new custom bikes called the Duetti S1 and the aModoMio C18.

The Duetti is built using a rare form of aluminum called 6069 alloy, which comprises the key element of Vanadium in order to increase strength and durability.

According to Serotta, after welding and heat treatment, the frame is then shot-peened, a process developed for military aircraft, which serves to further increase its lifespan by 300% or more.

The hydraulic disc equipped Duetti S1 is available in both mechanical and electronic shifting options from $4,695 to $7,500. 

Serotta says, the aModoMio (Italian for MY WAY) speaks to his desire to continue producing bicycles of uncompromising quality that represent the pinnacle of personalized engineering and performance.

The aModoMio builds on forty years of function-driven innovation and an obsession for detail. Each part of the frame and fork has been re-imagined, re-designed and re-engineered for today’s most discerning cyclist. 

Echoing the paradigm changing performance of Serotta’s Colorado Concept designs, the aModoMio is crafted from the most advanced steel alloys (made exclusively for Serotta by Columbus in Milan, Italy) and delivers a ride that rivals the best of any material.  

The aModoMio C18 is available in both Disc Brake and Rim Brake options with prices ranging from $7,595 to $14,995. 

Current lead-time is 10 weeks from the time of order. 

You can learn more about these bespoke gems by visiting the Serotta Design Studio here. 

Better still, your can see Serotta bikes in the flesh at next month’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Hartford, Connecticut. 



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