- - L'Etrusca Ciclostorica 2015

L’Etrusca Ciclostorica 2015

We are delighted to inform you that the third edition of the Etrusca Ciclostorica will be held on March 28th and 29th, 2015. Plans and ideas are being set in motion, and, in some cases, being revived. We just can’t wait to show you the new developments and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think of the routes. We’re ready to answer all your questions.

The new itinerary has officially opened. We can’t reveal too much, but, you know… there’s a time for everything. May the spirit of the Etruscans be with us as we walk along the scenic routes.

We’ll leave you with a little hint: you’ll hear all about the 47th Giro d’Italia, and you’ll re-live it on the roads that were used in 1964.

The Etrusca logistic headquarters will be located at the historical “Ippodromo Caprilli” where you will find the application office, the news room, the welcome area, the ciclostorico market as well as the local product market. Here it will also take place the Pastaparty and the award ceremony at the end of the Ciclostorica. The Caprilli entrance is totally free, disable people can access through the ramp located in Viale Italia. The Etruscan friends that haven’t signed up online can apply at the Ippodromo on March 28th 2015 starting at 7am. Right after that we will give you the bib numbers and gift bags and we’ll check the bikes and your outfit.

At 11 am will start the Vintage Crono in couples, a time trial tour where the bikers have to keep a predetermined pace without using any technological device but a traditional watch. The couple that will be closer to the right timing will get an award. The Vintage Crono route will be approximately 10 Km starting from Terrazza Mascagni’s Gazebo and finishing at the Ippodromo Caprilli including a track inside the Ippodromo. You won’t get any points at this Crono but it will be very useful as training for all the bikers and the award ceremony will take place on Sunday March 29th, 2015 at the end of the Ciclostorica Event.

At 5 pm at the Goldoni Theatre, in the Mascagni room, there will be the press conference with the authorities involved in this event to present the Vintage Etruscan Ciclostorica 2015. At 7 pm at the “Goldonetta” (right next to Goldoni Theatre) will take place the play “La Maglia Nera” with “lo stanzone delle Apparizioni” acting company and Massimo Poggio, the show is offered by the Etrusca Ciclostorica and Comune di Livorno.
On March 29th. 2015 the application office will open at 6.30 am for the last sign ups.

At 9 am the Etrusca Ciclostorica will start from the Naval Academy at the presence of the testimonials such as Franco Bitossi, Francesco Moser, Passuello, Simonetti, Ballini e many more. This bike tour will have two routes, the one between Livorno and Rosignano Marittimo will cover 60 Km, the other one between Livorno and Bolgheri will be 150 Km long. The tour will move towards south through Viale Italia and after only 14 km there will be the first amazing historical building, Sonnino Castle which being private property has rules to follow once we are riding around it. We will proceed towards Rosignano Marittimo, 17 km of wonderful coast will be our background until Castiglioncello, where we’ll go uphill to the “Casale del Mare”.

After 5 km Comune di Rosignano in association with CCn Proloco and Albergatori will be welcoming us into another historical location, Pasquini Castle. Around 10 am will be heading to Cecina, through Pineta Marrani, part of the coastal Aurelia and the Vadese flat until the historical Villa Guerrazzi and finally downtown Cecina where the local association pro loco and CCn will welcome us with the city music band.

We’ll ride again towards south on the Paratino road for about 16 km. We’ll go through Bibbona and continue on Via Bolgherese to reach the spectacular Borgo della Gherardesca and Castagneto Carducci, beating heart of the event. Abundant refreshments will be offered by the local restaurant and famous wine bars. We’ll leave again for 15 km through the Ornellaia territory, going back towards the Biserno farms and downtown Bibbona, where we’ll have a quick stop. Going towards Casale Marittimo will stop again for some local refreshments kindly offered by the town.

Continuing for about 20 km through Cecina countryside, we’ll stop in Rosignano Marittimo for a quick drink just to keep riding on Castelnuovo della Misercordia hills, towards Nibbiaia , down to Quercianella and uphill on Castellaccio. We’ll reach the Montenero Sanctuary and ride down to Livorno to our finishing line at the Ippodromo Caprilli around 4.30 pm.

At the end of the Ciclostorica, the Pasta party will take place at the Ippodromo as well as the award ceremony at 5 pm.

For the last 3 years the Etrusca event has been successfully supported by Culinary, Touristic and Agricultural schools in order to have the students taking an internship. During the whole event there will be vintage cars and motorcycles thanks to the collaboration with local Auto and motorcycles clubs. A photographer team will follow the entire tour and a professional video direction lead by Giacomo Becherini will shoot videos of the most important moments of this biking experience. GB productions will also offer a photographic contest, main theme “The Etrusca landscapes”.

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