- - Mando Footloose IM Hybrid eBike

Mando Footloose IM Hybrid eBike

Groovy things are always emerging from the eBike sector, as diverging ethoi relative to the need for transportation and global conscientiousness toward cleaner skies, continue to confront society.

One of the more interesting eBikes to come our way is the Mando Footloose IM, which features a chainless Series Hybrid Technology that powers the wheels with an internal 250 watt motor.

So, there’s no mechanical connection between the cranks and rear wheel, but instead they are connected by an alternator. 

Furthermore, a smartphone sized color LCD computer module, that designer Mark Sanders calls, a Human Machine Interface (HMI), mounts to the bars and acts as the dashboard for the bike, displaying information and controlling the bike’s integrated features.

“It provides the user with power, speed, maintenance and even health/fitness information. The HMI also allows the user to select preferred modes including acceleration mode (eco, normal, sporty, health) and pedal resistance mode (soft, medium, hard). The HMI communicates with the bike’s other systems to notify the user of changes in terrain, maintenance issues and battery level via its intuitive and bright display. In addition to being a useful source of information, once the user removes the detachable head, the bike is rendered unusable, thus providing an efficient security system as well.”

In addition, the IM features such advancements as a removable battery for easy charging; a streamlined design to provide a sleeker look; and a durable plastic-covered aluminum frame that comes in a wider choice of colors (red, white, yellow/green, dark blue and dark grey). And, the front and rear wheels are cast aluminum with high-performance disc brakes. 

To learn more about the Mando Footloose IM, check out Sander’s video presentation.

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