- - MET Launches MANTA Aero Helmet

MET Launches MANTA Aero Helmet

MET introduces the MANTA… the fastest closed aero helmet…

Inspired by the heritage of fast and sleek Italian racing cars, MET launched its new MANTA aero helmet in partnership with MTN-Qhubeka at this year’s Tour de France – calling it the lightest, fastest and most aerodynamic closed helmet to date. 

When MTN Qhubeka requested an extremely lightweight helmet for sprinting, MET’s engineers set out a wish list to achieve what seemed to be the impossibleDesigned to give the winning edge over the competition, the MANTA’s extremely aerodynamic and low profile shape provides unsurpassed performance in the wind tunnel with a saving of 10 watts at 50km/h which translates into 5 seconds.

While the number of vents are lower than MET’s, Rivale model, the strategically placed frontal Airflow Converge vents and NACA vents on the crown, ensure the rider’s head is kept cool by sucking air through this sophisticated network of channels.

The MANTA uses MET’s premium method of construction called HES. The advantage of HES is that it improves the helmet’s ability for energy management by ensuring that the force of the impact is not localised in one specific region – this is very important for high speed impacts. The benefits of HES construction are quantifiable and measurable in an independent laboratory.

Weighing at only 200g (medium CE), MET claims the MANTA is the lightest closed aero helmet on the market!

Retention system: Safe T Advanced, our top of the line retention system, provides the best weight and comfort ratio. 25% lighter than the Safe T Smart, the Safe T Advanced is welded which helps to reduce the overall weight. The contact points have increased comfort with a larger cradle surface area which is also designed to aid ventilation at the back of the head.

The micro adjust dial offers very precise movements with 2mm per click for horizontal adjustment and the vertical adjustment offers 4 steps for up and down movement. As standard on all of our helmets, the Manta features a full 360 retention ring which brings unparalleled comfort with a very secure fit.

Straps/divider: Breathability and comfort are extremely important, that’s why the MANTA features Airlite straps and dividers which are 15% lighter than a standard helmet strap, they are also more aerodynamic than a standard strap/divider combination. .

Padding: Coolmax internal padding strategically placed to provide the best comfort and sweat absorption

Full Gel 02 padding is also supplied as a spare set of padding which is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and made from biomedical gel which helps to keep the head cooler, is more durable and won’t smell of sweat.

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