- - MET Manta Helmet Gains Improved Aerodynamics and Updated MIPS Protection

MET Manta Helmet Gains Improved Aerodynamics and Updated MIPS Protection

MET has updated its Manta MIPS helmet, giving the helmet improved aerodynamic and added head protection for 2021.

According to MET, the latest Manta MIPS better cheats the wind thanks to a new rear profile, which the Italian brand claims results in a better aerodynamic signature over its predecessor, as evidenced by extensive wind-tunnel testing that was conducted at the Newton laboratory in Milan.

“The Manta MIPS has a mean drag saving of 4 watts over the previous Manta at a 77 degree angle and 3 watts at a 65 degree angle, testing at 33km/h, 50km/h and 80km/h with no side wind. We’ve engineered the internal shape to channel the air and Met’s signature NACA Vent works in synergy with the specially positioned exhaust ensuring a constant airflow through the helmet, without catching the wind and creating drag,” says MET.

Regarding protection, the revised aero lid gets the updated MIPS-C2 safety system that allows the helmet shell to slide relative to the cyclist’s head in the event of a crash, redirecting potentially harmful rotational energy. Moreover, the 360 degree cradle is said to eliminate pressure points, while the vertical and occipital retention system improves comfort and can accommodate a ponytail.

Additionally, a Fidlock magnetic buckle has also been added, along with two dedicated ports for securely docking sunglasses.

MET claims the updated Manta MIPS weighs in at an impressive 230g for a size small, 250g for a medium and 270g for the largest size, which sells for $300 and comes in six colorways.




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