- - Moots Shows Off New Vamoots 33 Road Bike

Moots Shows Off New Vamoots 33 Road Bike

Moots is showing off its latest Allroad incarnation dubbed the Vamoots 33, offering enthusiasts a versatile bike that’s ready for any road ahead.

“We launched our latest Vamoots 33 that’s ready to embark on weekend rides with the cycling club or conquer significant distances for milestone Randonnee events. The Vamoots 33 is a versatile machine that’s ready to tackle any road, anytime,” boasts Moots.

The new Vamoots 33 becomes a part of the rich heritage within the Vamoots family of road bikes, incorporating DNA inherited from each preceding model with a respectful nod to the Vamoots, Vamoots SL, Vamoots CR, Vamoots RSL, Vamoots Disc RSL, and even the more recent Vamoots CRD and Vamoots RCS.

The Vamoots 33 redefines the concept of “Allroad” cycling. Whether you prefer supple and smooth road tires for a plush ride or find yourself facing challenging weather that demands full-coverage fenders, the Vamoots 33 is designed to check those boxes. Named after County Road 33, a local pavement route just outside the Moots factory’s front door, this bike is right at home on surfaces ranging from fresh tarmac to chip seal and tempting dirt off-shoots.

Equipped with Moots’s 3D-printed flat-mount set-up, the Vamoots 33 ensures robust power transfer and perfect alignment. Crafted from US-sourced straight gauge 3/2.5 thin-walled tubing in size-specific selections and paired with the brand’s carbon all-road fork, the new bike is aimed at keeping the rider’s trajectory “solid and true”.

Moots offers the Vamoots 33 across 9 sizes, along with a number of complete builds, with prices starting at $ 7,499. 


  • Designed to clear 38c tires
  • Moots 3D Printed Flatmount
  • Size-specific US-sourced straight gauge 3/2.5 thin-walled tubing
  • Full coverage fender compatible 
  • Multiple upgrades and build options are available 






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