- - Nalini Velodromo Cycling Jersey Reviewed

Nalini Velodromo Cycling Jersey Reviewed

Given the tremendous advancements cycling apparel has seen over the last few years in terms of hi-tech materials and sophisticated performance properties, it’s now easier than ever to justify one’s reason for choosing a jersey or “kit” based on style alone. After all, unless there’s some game-changing element to a particular garment, what better criteria is there?  

Indeed, given its groovy color schemes, low-slung collar and exaggerated race sleeves, style is precisely what drew my attention to Nalini’s Velodromo jersey.  

Yet, while the Velodromo had all the appearance of being an upscale jersey, its lower price tag suggested that it might not measure up to some of the more expensive jerseys I have. Well, I decided to take the chance and purchased one just the same.

Wow, didn’t the Velodromo jersey prove my opening paragraph accurate.

Had I not known the price of the Velodromo to start, upon close examination, I would have guessed it to be part of one of Nalini’s flagship collections, as the materials, fit and finish and attention to detail were on par with many jerseys that I’ve encountered costing far more. In fact, I have some jerseys from a well-known brand that hails from a country that’s famous for putting holes in your wallet, alongside cheese, when it comes to purchasing their apparel. And, at $119.00, the Velodromo would proudly stand aside any of them in terms of quality, and easily stand in front of them in terms of style.

The Velodromo incorporates the same high end fabric Nalini uses in its more expensive apparel called HOT MOA XLIGHT, which is a highly breathable, lightweight material, that’s designed to wick moisture away from the body for quick evaporation.

In addition to its hi-tech material however, what’s equally striking about the Velodromo, are all of the details that make it ever bit a thoroughbred race jersey, such as its form fitting aerodynamic cut, low profile collar and chin guard, full front zipper, UV protection, reflective accents, a silicone gripper waist and sleeves and three rear cargo pockets.

Out on the road, the Velodromo does everything right in terms of comfort, breathability and performance, while its “race cut” fit rules out any  excess material that can flap around and slow you down.

However, one important consideration that most cycling apparel reviews fail to include, is how well a garment holds up over time, especially after multiple washings. 

Having worn the Velodromo numerous times under the harshest of riding conditions already, not to mention equal trips through the laundry cycle, I’m pleased to say that I have not observed even the slightest degradation in material or color thus far.

Something I wish I could say about most of my apparel – past and present. 

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The Velodromo Short Sleeve Jersey incorporates the latest technology and fabrics to create the ideal training and racing jersey. Featuring stretchy lightweight fabric that gloves your body, the tailored fit moves with you and prevents flapping in the wind when you pick up speed. The rear panel allows heat dissipation to regulate your body temperature. The sweat-wicking jersey pulls moisture to the outer layer for quick evaporation while eliminating odors caused by microbes. Equipped with UPF 50+, you stay protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Nalini Velodromo Jersey


  • Form fitting aerodynamic design gloves your body
  • Lightweight stretchy material used throughout the jersey
  • Breathes well and keeps you dry
  • Low profile collar with chin guard
  • Full frontal zipper
  • 3 rear cargo pockets
  • UV Protection
  • Reflective accents
  • Silicone gripper at the waist


HOT MOA XLIGHT is highly breathable and lightweight. Keeps your body cool and dry in both hot and milder weather. Elastic yarns grant optimal fitting and a pleasant softness. Designed to wick moisture away from the body for quick evaporation.



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