- - Dash Cycles Launches New Series of Saddles

Dash Cycles Launches New Series of Saddles

After a successful crowd-funding campaign, Dash Cycles is ready to launch a new series of eye-catching saddles, which they claim can improve a cyclist’s performance, by virtue of their ability to increase one’s range of hip motion, while also promoting greater comfort. 

The far-out, cut-away design of the Stage and Strike saddles are available in a number of versions, which differ in terms of padding density and shell/rail construction – to yield what Dash Cycles says are some of the lightest and most comfortable saddles available.  

We have countless customers that have reported an increase in their power output when they move to one of our split nose saddles. They allow for an increased range of hip motion without causing hot spots or pressure issues that many of the other split nose saddles can cause.

The key difference between the Stage and the Strike, lie in their respective shapes and the degree of density used in the padding.  

The Stage is more geared toward the time trial/triathlon crowd, giving way to a narrower profile and a deeper nose section, which allows time trialists and triathletes to sit at the front of the saddle as they typically do, without experiencing discomfort from having a pointed nose.  

By comparison, the Strike is much more of a “road” saddle, given its wider base, which allows cyclists to ride in a more upright position – and using the back of the saddle for support.   

According to Dash Cycles, the Stage measures 245x115mm, and weighs in at approximately 105g to 135g, depending on the construction and padding density. While the Strike is longer and wider at 250mmx13mm, and weighs slightly more at 115g to 175g – again depending upon padding and whether it has a one or two-piece shell/rail construction. 

In the end, Dash Cycles’ says its goal was to create a series of saddles that extolled the benefits of their previous custom saddles, but at a more affordable price-point to enthusiasts. 

To learn more about the saddles, check out Dash Cycles’ website at



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