- - New Strava Live Offers Real-Time Data Mapping

New Strava Live Offers Real-Time Data Mapping

Strava has updated its app, to include a new addition called Strava Live, which now gives cyclists the ability to analyze their data while they’re riding.  

“Strava Live… delivers immediate motivation to athletes when they need it most: during actual training,” says Strava. “A redesigned always-on display provides live performance data, bringing cyclists and runners another step closer to having one device that suits all their needs.

“All Strava athletes see an array of live activity averages, while Premium athletes will see a display of current speed, pace and data, plus additional data from paired devices, to rival the best dedicated activity computers.”

Strava’s ‘Premium’, refers to the company’s upgraded platform, which costs $6.00 per month, or $59.00 per year. 

In addition to real-time data like speed, distance, power, cadence, time and maps, Strava Live offers customizable settings, all of which can now be displayed on a smartphone, and view by cyclists while riding. 

To access Strava Live, users will need to use Strava’s latest iOS or Android mobile apps (available from the App store and Google Play).

The standard platform allows cyclists the ability to see live activity on their phone, such as average speed, pace and distance. However, if you want to see real time current metrics, and be able to view data from paired ANT+ devices (for example cadence meters and heart rate monitors) you will need to upgrade to a Strava Premium account.

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