- - NoPinz Introduces Indoor Training Specific SubZero Kit

NoPinz Introduces Indoor Training Specific SubZero Kit

The Uk-based brand NoPinz has introduced its latest indoor cycling specific kit called the SubZero, calling it “world’s first indoor cycling kit that actively cools core temperature.”

The SubZero kit consists of bibshorts, a sleeveless skinsuit and wrist bands that feature pockets where frozen gel packs can be added.

According to NoPinz, the gel packs are designed to keep the cyclist’s core temperature down during rigorous workouts.

“The gel packs help to keep your core temperature down, meaning less energy goes into the body, cooling itself and more blood reaches the muscles that need it to produce the watts!,” says NoPinz.

In addition to the gel packs, the bibshorts and sleeveless skinsuit are constructed from a material that NoPinz describes as “ultra-breathable wicking fabrics”, along with a chamois pad that’s been specially designed for indoor riding. Moreover, both garments come with two sets of interchangeable gel packs that can be swapped out during longer training sessions.

“Cooling the body during indoor exercise is vital to prevent overheating, dehydration and the resulting reduction in performance. While many of today’s elite e-racers have found that using multiple fans and air-conditioned rooms gives them a competitive edge, these aren’t always solutions that everyone can access. In contrast, SubZero provides a marginal gain and performance advantage that is accessible to all,” explains NoPinz. 

Pricing for the SubZero garments are as follows:

  • SubZero Bibshorts – £139.99
  • SubZero Sweatbands – £29.99
  • SubZero Suit – £189.99

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