- - OMATA One: The World’s First Highly-Advanced Analog GPS Cycling Speedometer

OMATA One: The World’s First Highly-Advanced Analog GPS Cycling Speedometer


The OMATA One claims to be the worlds first, technologically-advanced, GPS computer that displays the information that cyclists need in a unique and modern design.

The analog face makes it easier to read while in motion, as compared to most digital screens, and OMATA says, “the One is designed in every way to complement your bike, as well as the ride itself.”

OMATA’s choice to show the most important ride data in an analog form is based on the science that analog dials reduce cognitive load. As a result, the OMATA One makes it significantly easier to read your data at a glance and focus on enjoying the ride itself.


On the inside, the OMATA One tracks everything with the same high level of precision as the best cycling computers, which means all your ride data can be exported via USB-C to Strava, or the application of your choice.

All your data is recorded on the internal memory and converted into analog movement by OMATA’s custom mechanical sub-assembly developed with Seiko Precision Inc.

Indeed, the OMATA One is designed with the same level of care and focus on performance as a premium bicycle component. This means that, not only does it look exquisite and like it belongs on your bike, it also functions immaculately. As it is intended to be used in the outdoors, it is designed to withstand dust, water and other harsh environmental factors.

The OMATA One is made from Plancast Plus 5083 Aluminum for the case and mount, and PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) for the functional bezel. PEEK is a high performance plastic with mechanical and material properties that give it outstanding environmental durability without compromising GPS performance.

In addition, every detail of the OMATA One is designed for enhanced legibility whilst in motion. In addition to the analog face, we felt it was appropriate to invest in creating a bespoke numeral set.

Using the name OMATA Numeral Regular, the designers say, “it has clarity, openness and a modern, slightly digital character.”


As part of their Kickstarter launch, OMATA is offering the One in two colors — white and gray, with both available in a choice of either kph or mph.

The first 200 backers will receive their OMATA One with a unique, sequential number machined into the bezel so that everyone can see that you were amongst the first to back the project.

To learn more about OMATA One’s campaign, you can visit them here: Kickstarter

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