- - Overfast Claims Its Carbon Thru-Axles are the "World's Lightest"

Overfast Claims Its Carbon Thru-Axles are the “World’s Lightest”

Overfast is claiming its carbon thru-axles are the “world’s lightest”, weighing in at a scant 30 grams a pair.

Featuring a carbon fiber shaft that’s mechanically bonded to an aluminum thread via a patented interface, Overfast assures customers that its thru-axles have passed rigorous safety standards, even going so far as to provide critical data on its website.

“We realized that almost everything is made of carbon fiber. Frame, stem, handlebar, saddles and even brake pads. But why aren’t thru axles made of carbon fiber? If we use carbon, we can reduce the weight of the thru axles by up to 60%. There were already some carbon fiber thru axles on the market, but they hadn’t become mainstream. Why not?Durability? Safety? Strength? Maybe people are worried about the failure of the bonding. Or perhaps breaking from the excessive twisting forces. Maybe the current options weren’t light enough? We simulated, tested and refined multiple iterations before finalizing on a design that easily passed all our safety tests,” boasts Overfast.

Overfast offers its carbon thru-axles in a number of different lengths that are compatible with most disc-brake bikes, which sell for a hefty $220 a pair, with a lead time of 35-45 days.




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