- - Parcours Channels Liberace with Color Embedded Hypetex Gold Carbon Wheels

Parcours Channels Liberace with Color Embedded Hypetex Gold Carbon Wheels

The folks at Parcours must have been channeling their inner Liberace when developing its latest color-embedded, gold carbon wheels, resulting in enough bling to dazzle anyone out from Behind the Candelabra

Developed alongside the composites experts at Hypetex, the glittering hoops feature color that’s been embedded directly into the carbon itself, resulting in a gold finish sans the use of traditional paint.

“The Hypetex carbon that’s used on these rims has the color embedded into the composite itself, meaning it’s a completely paint-free finish,” says Parcours’ Dov Tate. “As a result, it’s lighter than a fully-painted rim, whilst the finish is also far more durable.”

“Combining water-based eco-resins with a sustainable curing process, Hypetex materials are made with bold, colorful aesthetics as well as technical and cost-saving benefits – a perfect fit for any quality brand in need of lightweight and high-performance products,” adds Hypertext.

Additionally, since Hypetex offers a wide range of colors, gold is just one of an almost endless array of options.  

“The biggest practical hurdle is the logistics chain,” says Parcours’ Dov Tate. “The material is produced by Hypetex, but then has to be sent to a separate prepreg facility to be injected with the correct resin used in our rims. From there it then has a limited shelf life before the resin goes off, during which we have to manufacture into rims (hence the need to pre-order for our limited edition run).”

Just like most of the Maestro’s exclusive togs, the wheels are limited to just 10 sets, which fetch a hefty £1,799 for the British brand’s Alta wheelset, and up to £2,499 its Chrono / Disc and Chrono Max / Disc wheelsets.

“The limited edition wheels will all have a full custom hub upgrade (RRP £400) including the ceramic bearing option,” says Dov Tate. “The remaining price uplift reflects the increase in material costs of the Hypetex carbon, increased manufacturing costs from lower volume prepreg process and increased logistics costs, along with the element of exclusivity.”  

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