- - PeopleForBikes Launches "PlacesForBikes" Cycling Initiative

PeopleForBikes Launches “PlacesForBikes” Cycling Initiative


PeopleForBikes’ latest program, PlacesForBikes, is aimed at promoting the construction of bike-friendly infrastructure. The initiative includes a city rating system; expert “how-to” resources for communities and businesses; and an annual conference for city and business leaders. The program’s founding sponsor is Trek Bikes.

“The biggest reason that people don’t ride bikes more is that they don’t have safe and convenient places to ride,” said Tim Blumenthal, president of PeopleForBikes. “Our goal is to help cities build better places to ride bikes, and build them faster.”

PlacesForBikes will begin compiling data for a comprehensive U.S. city rating system in February, when surveys will go out to residents, retailers, community leaders, and city officials. The rating system will combine this community input with publicly available data and a new measure of bike networks to recognize cities and towns that are creating safer places to ride and motivate those that are just getting started.

“Cities are the leaders now in building bike infrastructure,” said Blumenthal. “From small towns to mid-sized and large cities, there is new energy and motivation to create better places for bikes.”

PlacesForBikes will hold its inaugural conference June 28-30 in Madison, Wisconsin. Delegations of local leaders and bike retailers will meet peers from across the nation, learn time-tested effective strategies and return home to develop action plans for their communities. 

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PlacesForBikes Conference will convene leaders and decision makers who are making change happen in their communities and give them the tools, ideas, and strategies to be effective. Through breakout sessions, conversations and peer-to-peer networking, attendees will leave Madison with an action plan to speed progress back home. In addition to keynote speakers, Van Jones, Seleta Reynolds and Brian Payne, meet notable bicycle industry leaders, plus PeopleForBikes expert staff, board members, and research advisory panel.

We strongly encourage cities to attend the conference together as one delegation. A delegation would include some or all of these stakeholders: mayors and elected officials, top city and agency staff, local business leaders, bike retailers, community and neighborhood leaders, advocates and funders.


This conference is bringing together the city leaders that are building better cities. Pursue your professional development with access to information, people, and experiences you can’t get elsewhere. National and local experts will share best practices on topics such as planning complete bike networks, finding funding, overcoming bikelash, making the business case for bicycling, engaging non-traditional partners, measuring success, speeding project delivery, building more equitable communities and more. These leaders will also be available for 1:1 and smaller roundtable discussions.


Take advantage of this opportunity to network with the major players and leaders in the space. Share strategies and build connections with peers from other cities. Talk about what you are doing and where you are going. Think big about acting as a change agent in the complex work of building better communities.


Use the PlacesForBikes city ranking system to evaluate progress and build momentum locally. The future of U.S. economies are in our cities’ downtown areas – be a part of the leading program to make sure that bikes are part of that.


Leave engaged, inspired and ready to work. With the help of coaches and advisors, develop power maps, tools and an action plan to accelerate progress back home. Go home with fortitude, determination, and expertise to go beyond your expectations and make great places to ride a bike, faster. Move your thoughts into action.


This is a bright spots conference! Elevate and celebrate what works in your community, and work together on overcoming the harder aspects of your work.

We look forward to hosting the best and the brightest in our community for a great conference!



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